FEBRUARY 9, 2021






Whether you are single or in a committed relationship, chances are you’ve trolled the endless videos on porn sites to add some spice to your sex life. And for those of you who harbor shame over the weekly hours spent pleasuring yourself in front of your screen, Pornhub is giving you a chance to give back—to the environment—it’s called Sexstainability, and their tag line is “let’s f*uck the planet right." With its own channel on Pornhub, Sexstainability provides tips on how we can reduce our cardon footprint at home and sexy videos to get you off while teaching you how to tackle the climate crisis. In one video called “Cut Down On Plastics” porn star Xev Bellringer proclaims, “I wish I could suck on it like I do those environmentally friendly, reusable metal straws.” For their promo video on Youtube, “Get Sexstainable Now”, Pornhub Ambassador and porn star Kira Noir gets to the point, “The planet is getting fucked, and not in a sexy way.” 

AS IF Magazine recently caught-up with Pornhub Ambassador and porn star Kira Noir to ask her all about this new, sexy initiative and how we can all cum together to save mother earth.

“We only have one Earth; we need to take care of it! Coming together to protect our environment is hot as fuck!”