AUGUST 2, 2022








As we prepare to enjoy the end of summer, we are also plotting our final sunglasses purchase. Finding the right pair of sunglasses can be a challenge. Everything from shape to lens type makes a world of difference in finding the perfect pair of sunglasses fit to each of us. We also want to keep both our personal fashion preferences and trends in mind when shopping. For trends, Sofia Opazo Johansson, manager of Stureoptikern in Sweden, said, “Fashion wise, a pair of small black trendy glasses is what you really need. Look at brands like YSL or Celine. Bling and chains are expected to stay fashionable this season, but if you’re more classic go for a square model. You want something you can wear with almost everything, like a Ray-Ban Wayfarer model, but with a twist and a little more oversized.”

If you’re looking for prescription sunglasses or regular lenses, you’ll be surprised to learn there’s actual minimal difference between the two. “The difference that most people don’t know about is that 90 percent of all high quality sunglasses are made of acetate not plastic,” she said. “It’s a big difference because the acetate is made by cotton cellulose and it’s a living material” that can also shape and shapes itself over time. Some people might notice that their frames get white or matte that´s because the acetate has been exposed to everything from water, hairspray, face cream, perfume, PH and so on. And with time acetate hardens and can break more easily. However, acetate is very flexible and can be adjusted when plastic is not.”

People often wonder if there is a difference between prescription lenses and regular lens, but the difference is minimal. All lenses or more or less made from plastic, but all high quality lenses and sunglasses have a UV-coating or anti-glare coating. The things to keep in mind are to not expose lenses to very warm heat, water, or strong chemicals. Only cleaning clothes should be used on lenses and not clothes or towels because they can scratch the lenses. 

Sun protection is also a very important component to buying glasses. According to Selima Salaun, the founder of Selima Optique, “Typically, any lens in a frame is going to be UV A and UV B protective unless it is purchased from a non-authorized dealer. Lighter color eyes typically experience light sensitivity, so it doesn’t hurt to go a tad darker on the lenses. Light color lenses are great for brunch, overcast vibes, or just something that is aesthetically pleasing. There’s room for practicality and fashion.”

Salaun also advised there are tints that are good for day tonight, particularly yellow tints. “Yellow lens tins are becoming popular in the eyewear industry,” she said. “They are commonly used for environments that appear brighter and low-light conditions. Transition glasses go from dark to light when exposed to UV light so those are great for indoor, outdoor, without having to put on sunglasses, and of course a blue light filter is great for those who work on computers.”

In many cases, glasses need to be tightened, and the process for doing so is quite simple. There are either special tools to adjust them if they are made of metal, or in the case of acetate, the frames can be heated to become more malleable. 

Salaun also stresses the important of UV coatings for scratch resistance, anti-glare, and blue light filters. “They are what separates a good pair of glasses from the rest,” she said. 

As consumers becoming more interested in individualized fashion options, various shapes of sunglasses have also taken off in trend. “I’ve seen a lot of people wanting octagon shapes, which is something they haven’t seen before,” said Ryan Odeneal, a representative for Luxe Optique. “People have been really gravitating toward those recently.”

AS IF Magazine has rounded up a set of sunglasses for your fashionable and protective needs. 


Gucci Sunglasses

Give me your big, your beautiful, and your bedazzled. Gucci’s star bedazzled sunglasses are something magical to behold. The butterfly shape will send your look soaring to new heights.





These eco friendly acetate frames are also made with Swedish recycled steel. Organic friendly isn't a usual thought when it comes to sunglasses, but along came this pair. Who said saving Earth can’t be fashionable?