MAY 30, 2019






One of Olivier Rousteing’s favorite muses, the gorgeous, edgy Cara Delevingne, has officially got to collaborate with the label where he serves as creative director, Balmain. Delevingne is a modern-day style icon who personifies the “troublemaker” theme of Balmain’s fall 2019 runway show. The model and actress has both closed runway shows and fronted campaigns for Balmain, and this collaboration further deepens her relationship with the house. For the collaboration, Delevingne worked with Rousteing and his design team on the development of three of next season’s key accessories. The three new bags, BBag, Romeo and Twist are the focus of the house’s latest campaign, a trio of short, innovative and interactive films that lead participants through a series of rebellious choices, unexpected pathways and surprising pay-outs. Delevingne, of course, stars in the campaign. 

Cara Delevigne x Balmain

Cara Delevingne and Balmain

“Of course, the videos had to focus on Cara,” Rousteing said. “And, it’s not just because she collaborated on the design of the bags. Cara is the star because it’s clear to everyone that she is the embodiment of the Balmain rebel — the self-assured troublemaker with an invigorating, new type of rebellious spirit. Cara reflects the strong and confident attitude of the women of my generation, women who are not content to simply push back — instead, they revel in pushing forward, (while making sure to push every single button along the way). This is Cara’s first design collaboration with the house and her second Balmain this year — and I am certain that we have many more adventures ahead of us!” 

Each of the campaign’s three short film focuses on one of the new bag styles designed by Rousteing and Delevingne. Riffing on classic plots — and throwing in more than a few surprising twists and turns — the films relies on a surprising level of participation, allowing viewers to actually make a series distinct choices for Delevingne, each time she is faced with having to make a decision within a key scene. The interactive videos build upon the house’s unique entertainment-focused marketing strategy, which aims to consistently offer the “Balmain Army” the most innovative and exciting ways to directly engage with Balmain.

Cara Delevingne and Balmain