MAY 26, 2023






2x-Grammy nominated, multi-platinum artist, producer and DJ Steve Aoki, has joined forces with chart-topping international sensation JJ Lin to create a stellar new track that energizes and motivates to never give up on the hustle, aptly titled “The Show.” This single marks the debut release from FLUXGEN, a dynamic collaboration between Steve Aoki and 88rising, an innovative music company championing Asian talent. With the distinct identities of 88rising and Steve Aoki intertwined, FLUXGEN serves as a visionary space that encourages experimentation, artistic innovation, and unexpected sonic landscapes, challenging the conventions of traditional record labels.

Embodying the mantra “the show must go on,” Singaporean triple threat JJ Lin, a singer-songwriter, record producer, and multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, pours his heart into “The Show.” The lyrics, “Guess I'm getting on with the show,” coupled with Aoki's signature pulsating beats and anthemic rise, create an irresistible fusion that never fails to ignite the crowd.

Steve Aoki & JJLin The Show

“The Show” arrives with a visually stunning music video filmed in JJ Lin's hometown of Singapore, directed by Edgar Estevez (known for his work with Ice Spice, Nicki Minaj, French Montana, Doja Cat, and Wiz Khalifa) and Jon Primo of Blank Square. Within the video, Aoki and JJ Lin find themselves surrounded by a captivating ensemble of dancers and luminous visuals inspired by Singapore's vibrant atmosphere. The grand finale features a breathtaking display of fireworks illuminating the Singapore skyline, evoking an unparalleled party vibe. Notably, the mesmerizing jellyfish seen in the video were meticulously designed based on the legendary jellyfish from the renowned S.E.A Aquarium. Furthermore, AI-generated textures created using Microsoft's Azure cloud platform lend an innovative touch to several scenes, adding an extra layer of creativity to the visual experience.

Steve Aoki shares, “Music has the power to unite us, to inspire us, and to ignite our passion. ‘The Show’ is a testament to the relentless spirit of chasing our dreams and never giving up. Together with JJ Lin for our second collaboration, we've created a sonic experience that pulsates with energy and resonates with the desire to keep pushing forward. Get ready to embrace the spotlight and let the music take you on a journey you won't forget.”

JJ Lin adds, “Working with Steve is always so fun and easy, it’s like being in a ring with him where we exchange punches each time. First time he drops me a crazy remix for my single ‘Not Tonight,’ and this time I lend my vocals in ‘The Show.’ It’s a song that coincides with my 20 years since debut, and talks about the ups and downs of being in show biz, and finding strength to keep true to one’s heart in this complicated world. Every time I work on an English number, it’s such a fresh experience, I would say, keep the collabs coming! I’m also excited that we are featuring the retro-futuristic version of my hometown, Singapore, into the visuals for the music video.”