MARCH 31, 2020





She’s known as the new Beverly Hills beauty guru, but gurus aren’t born overnight. Robyn Newmark has had a storied and literally beautiful career. As a beauty industry professional for 20 years, she has helped many people achieve their ideal look. Now, in addition to owning her own aesthetic clinics, she is also educating the next generation of beauty professionals.

It all began for Newmark when she was in college studying art. Her formal training in painting and drawing translated into many aspects of her life, including a love for makeup artistry and watching people put looks together. When she was sixteen, a hairdresser in Los Angeles who worked for Redken saw her do makeup on her friend, and he loved what Newmark did so much he brought her in to do makeup for his clients. Redken stylists began paying her under the table in cash to do makeup at their hair shows.

She went on to land a job at a spa where was doing makeup, cashiering, and cosmetic sales. When she turned eighteen, she started her own business and got certified in permanent makeup, which is when her career began slowly taking off. After her permanent makeup certification, she learned how to do eyelash aesthetics and various skincare techniques. Her focus for her company now is semi-permanent and permanent beauty solutions.

“I’ve moved further away from actually doing makeup and being on the set and now I’m mainly in the treatment room,” Newmark said. “The newest part of my business that I’m extending to other professionals is training and supplying them with techniques and supplying them with products to sell. I still welcome new clients, but I’m very focused on launching my beauty academy out in Los Angeles. I still travel all of the time. I go to New York to open accounts for Pro-Cell, an award winning microneedling device that uses stem cell therapy.”

Robyn Newmark

Pro-Cell is less invasive than your standard microneedling device and there’s way less downtime for recovery afterwards. Newmark’s celebrity clients love it because their face can go back to normal within 24 hours. Anti-aging treatments have also become a cornerstone of Newmark’s business. 

“I have five or six main services I do, and that’s what I train, educate, and supply for,” Newmark said. “I’m really excited to be expanding my passion as an educator because that’s what I wanted to do when I was a kid, be a school teacher, and I was an artist, so I thought I’d be an art teacher. Ironically, life has circled back around where I get to marry my two passions.”

Newmark now counts locations in Beverly Hills of course, in addition to Palm Desert right outside of Palm Springs, and Orange County. She has a full staff in Palm Desert, and her Orange County and Beverly Hills locations are staffed by her and her students. When she teaches courses, it’s a three-day class and she will bring on staff to help her with that. She teaches classes all year round and every month she opens up a new course. 

Between her classes and her list of clients, Newmark is one busy woman. She has hundreds of clients and it’s gotten to the point where there is a two-week waiting list for an appointment with her. If a client is lucky, someone may have cancelled day of and they can get a walk-in appointment. 

“I really try to bring out the potential in others. I’ve been so successful with my own clients; I pass the fortune on.”

–Robyn Newmark–