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As we prepare to enjoy our last few weeks of summer, we are also plotting our next pair of sunglasses. We are just a month away from our Labor Day trips and finishing up our days on the beach. Those of us who are lucky enough to have summer Fridays have been enjoying after-workdays at cabana pools and mini vacations. Let’s up our eyewear game.

Sofia Johansson, store manager of Sweden-based eyewear boutique Stureoptikern, had some great insights to offer on how to shop for sunglasses.

AS IF: What styles are trending right now?

Sofia Johansson: I would say fashion wise, a pair of small black trendy shades is what you really need this season, like Mica from YSL or a pair of Celines. Going into autumn, that trend follows, but this time highlight crystal! Bling and chains will stay very fashionable even for the upcoming season. However, if you are more the classic one, you should go for a squarer model. And not to forget the oversized 70´s models I would say Linda Farrow for the road!

What’s the difference in thickness of frames and lenses?

The difference that most people don´t know about is that 90 percent of all high-quality sunglasses are made of acetate, not plastic. It´s a big difference because the acetate is made from cotton cellulose and it´s a "living material" that can be shaped and shapes itself over time. Some people might notice that their frames get white or matte that´s because the acetate has been exposed to everything from water, hairspray, face cream, perfume, and so on. With time, acetate hardens and can break more easily. However, acetate is very flexible and can be adjusted, while plastic is not.

Is the care different between prescription glasses and regular lenses?

All lenses are more or less made from plastic. All high-quality lenses and sunglasses have a UV-coating or an anti-glare coating. The thing is, you need to have in mind not to expose your lenses to very warm heat or water or strong chemicals. Only use your cleaning cloth, and not your clothes or towel, it can scratch your lens.

Is there a particular tint for glasses that’s better for the sun than others?

I would say it depends on what you as a customer want. Some people want really dark lenses for sunglasses, then I would say you should go for a standard grey/green G15 lens, like Ray-Bans original. However, brown is better for contrast and highlighting the landscape. While some people like the gradient lenses that have a lighter tone in the lower section of the lenses.

Is there a particular tint good for going from day to night?

There are two choices. If you´re more into fashion and accessories, then you can have a tint in your glasses all day-looking like a true rockstar, or you can have a lens that transitions itself when it encounters UV light. That lens is clear during daytime inside, and when you go outside, it turns into sunglasses.

Is UV coating important?

Of course, it protects your eyes from dangerous sunlight, but also the anti-glare and blue light coating is very important to protect your eyes from the dangerous ultraviolet light that comes from your mobile phone, I-pads, and computers.

How can I get my sunglasses tightened?

We warm them up with a special machine, and then tighten them after your


Can I change the lenses?

For almost every pair of high-quality fashion sunglasses, you can change


What is the best way to clean glasses?

I would say a tiny bit of medium heated water and a splash of washing liquid like once a month or when they are super dirty is the best way. The liquid is also something that can make the acetate matte and dull, so be careful not to use it too much. Always use your cloth to clean them!


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