NOVEMBER 26, 2019






A Symphony of vibrant colors and popping visuals intertwine in unpredictable and delightful ways in David Salle’s recent hit exhibition at Skarstedt Gallery in London, “Musicality and Humour”. Salle is a master painter, a leader in Post-Modern art, and a cultured and well-read artist with a sharp sense of humor. What makes Salle great can be found in this exhibition. Fortunately, for fans and collectors of Salle’s work, and anyone with a taste for art, this exquisite oeuvre has been translated into limited-edition dresses, scarfs, and bespoke home furnishings brought to you by TheCollaboratory, a division of AS IF Magazine that puts creatives from different disciplines together to create unique and collectable art products.

TheCollaboratory has launched its first collaboration with David Salle. The collaboration was featured in AS IF Magazine’s Issue 15 featuring actress Scarlett Johansson, where photographs of Scarlett were cleverly placed within the artwork and the final result shows her living and interacting within Salle’s paintings.  

“We knew the opportunity to collaborate with an artist such as David Salle should have a life longer than the run of a magazine issue,” said AS IF editor-in-chief and photographer, Tatijana Shoan. “Through our new venture, TheCollaboratory, which facilitates and produces creative collaborations with people from varying artistic backgrounds, limited-edition products based on ‘Musicality and Humour’ were produced.” 

The first collection created were three styles of limited-edition dresses designed by fashion designer Peter Hidalgo. Hidalgo is an expert patternmaker and master tailor who won the 2010 Rising Star Award from Fashion Group International. He is known for his perfectly tailored silhouettes, use of luxury fabrics, and his impeccable attention to detail. Hidalgo has worked with many celebrities including Kanye West, Usher, and Nicki Minaj, and continues working with private and celebrity clients. 

Salle Dress T-shirt

Salle Dress Strapless

Salle Dress Cocktail